Project Management and Oversight

O-Health-Edu Governance 

As an Erasmus + project clear oversight, management and supervision is essential.  This section of our website summarises the project governance and oversight, quality control and management systems in place for O-Health-Edu activities and outputs.


The Quality Committee is composed of the administrative and scientific leads of the project within Clermont Ferrand, the ADEE administrative lead and the lead representative for the relevant Intellectual output being considers at a given meeting.


These report to an independent external review panel that is composed of external representatives nominated by the Steering Committee at its Kick Off Meeting in Clermont Ferrand.

The chair of the Quality committee is Dr Jacinta McLoughlin (Formally of Dublin Dental University Hospital and leader of Erasmus + project DentEd).  Dr Mc Loughlin is supported by the following external members of the committee. 

  • Prof Brian O'Connell (Trinity College Dublin and the International Association for Dental Research) 
  • Dr Jeffery Stewart (American Dental Education Association) 
  • Ms Alyette Greiveldinger (formally of the European Dental Students Association) 
  • Dr Benoit Varenne, Dental Officer at World Health Organization Europe 
  • Prof Didier Jourdan - University Clermont Auvergne

The committee meets at least once a year.


Bringing together permanent and transient project team members the O-Health-Edu Management Committee brings together the project co-ordination team with key partners at various stages of the project.


Permanent membership is maintained by the representatives of Université Clermont Auvergne (project co-ordinator) and representatives of Association for Dental Education in Europe (project dissemination partner). Ensuring these partners are present at all meetings, brings continuity and holistic project oversight throughout O-Health-Edu's delivery. In addition to the permanent members the committee draws in Intellectual Output leaders that are currently underway or being immediately planned. The management committee meets online monthly. It reviews overall progress, risk, project planning and financial turnover. With the arrival of COVID, the OHE team migrated to an online meeting platform and in late 2021 begin working in a hybrid model of online and face to face meetings, as to remain compliant with COVID restrictions.

The committee is chaired by Prof Stéphanie Tubert-Jeannin Université Clermont Auvergne.


Composed of representatives of each of the partner organisations, the Steering Committee meet at each transnational meeting and are responsible for creating and delivering each of the intellectual outputs.


For more information on the partners organisations click here and to read more on the transnational meetings visit the dedicated section of the webpages.