Aims and Objectives

O-Health-Edu is driven by three overarching strategic objectives:

The overall aim of the O-Health-Edu project is to better understand the current state of oral health education within the EU, and to develop a suite of online tools that will support the aggregation, interrogation and presentation of oral health education programme data, and curriculum documents.

The project is guided by three overarching strategic objectives (SO):

SO1: To provide a diagnosis of the current situation of dental education in Europe.

SO2: To enable a shared understanding and a common vision of Oral Health Professionals' Education priorities for the future among all European stakeholders and policymakers

SO3: To define priorities for a strategic vision and support changes for oral health professionals’ education in 2030.​

The three strategic objectives will be attained by the delivery of 13 intellectual outputs. These are tangibles that can demonstrate the delivery of a particular activity or consensus. While each intellecutal output is a designated completion stage in its own right, it is important to note that each is inextrictably linked and relient upon oters to ensure delivery. Creating this linkage and support ensures a degree of consistency between partners and increases share owenership and co-creation between the project partners.