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Mapping and Scoping Future Changes

Formally mapping the existing curriculum against a standard model and the Vision

Once you have identified a need to change your curriculum, it is a good idea to ensure that you completely understand what you already deliver. This is best achieved through a formal curriculum mapping exercise. Here, existing learning outcomes for your programme are mapped and compared against already published curricula (either set by a regulatory body, or proposed by associations or specialty societies). This process can be supported using intelligent online tools such as MOLAR, but it is also possible to set up Excel spreadsheets or Access databases to map and categorise your learning outcomes.

The Graduating European Dentist curriculum is available online and it is possible to search for specific key words or learning outcomes. Existing recommendations and approaches can also be discussed with curriculum taskforce members within ADEE.

Once the mapping is complete, it is possible for you to interpret areas of deficit within your existing curriculum - and also to identify areas of repetition or overlap, allowing you to ensure that your delivery of learning events is as efficient and varied as possible. 

At this point it is a good idea to step back somewhat and consider the wider function of your curriculum. The overall ‘vision’ for OHP education in Europe is shown diagramatically here - and this is an opportunity to consider each of the 8 elements in turn, and whether you can better orient your curriculum to these aspirational outcomes.