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Intellectual Output 3: Research protocol: evaluation of the current state of Oral Health professionals' Education in Europe

Intellectual Output 03's focus is on devising, documenting and quality assuring the over all research protocol that will be used to collect data on the state of Oral Health Professionals Education throughout Europe. 

At its cores is the ethical collection, storage and analysis of programme and school level data in a co-ordinated and validated way. Work on this Intellectual Output began in October 2019 at the O-Health-Edu project Kick Off meeting.  While each IO was scheduled sequentially, it quickly became apparent that much cross functionality and overlap existed between some intellectual output.  For example while IO 07 was not scheduled until August 2020, its work was a critical point of reference for developing and devising a validated data collection tool and the O-Health-Edu protocol.

Thus the work of IO03, IO04 and IO07 are closely linked and work on these IO's  inseparable.


The diagram above summarises the work of the protocol, glossary and survey and how these are inter-relate to deliver the O-Health-Edu data collection tool.


COVID-19 Response

Along with colleagues from the ADEE Executive a short COVID-19 questionnaire was issued to European dental schools open to responses from 25th of March.  The questionnaire aimed to collect data on Oral Health Professional's education's immediate response to the COVID-19 crisis. An open access published commentary on the responses can be accessed on the European Journal of Dental Education here and if you are a registered user you can access charts summarising the responses here.