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Intellectual Output 4, 5, 6 and 8: Final survey implementation and initial analysis: evaluation of the current state of Oral Health professionals' Education in Europe

  • Intellectual Output 4 focussed on the development and launch of an online data hub 

  • Intellectual Output 5 focussed on the comprehensive reporting on the current state of Oral Health professionnals' Education in Europe 

  • Intellectual Output 6 focussed on the production of summary cards about the current state of Oral Health Professionnals' education in Europe

  • Intellectual Output 8 provides an international map of institutions providing Oral Health Professionnals' education

IOs 4, 5, 6 and 8 were coordinated through an online data hub which allows real-time reporting of submitted data.

Designated institutional contacts complete the online data hub that populates a number of real time display resources including: 

  • an institutional report card 
  • core survey metrics 
  • inform the development of IO06 summary fact sheets 
  • inform overall national, regional and European level summary reports 

The individual institution is in control of the information they display in the report card and they are encourage to keep it updated at least annually. If you are a designated institutional contact for your university or dental school and would like to have your data included please commence by created a designated institutional contact user profile for

To visit the Data Hub, to view individual report cards, search the platform by country, programmes provided or language, summary real time data and links to summary reports when available

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