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IO02: Publication: synopsis of the current state of Oral Health professionals' Education in Europe

February 2020

Update to TNP01 Barcelona Meeting 

The aim of Intellectual Output 02 is to generate a synopsis of the current state of Oral Health professionnals' Education in Europe and from this to issue a formal publication.

During discussions at the TNP01 Meeting in Barcelona Spain 20th and 21st February 2020, the team arrived at the conclusion that the generation of a position paper rather that a synopsis would be more beneficial to all stakeholders.

Thus the team lead by Dr James Field and Mr Jonathan Dixon Sheffield University will take the output of IO01 and drawing on the consensus discussions held in Barcelona draft a position statement on the findings of IO01. 

This position paper will result in the creation of an O-Health-Edu vision for the future of Oral Health Professionals' Education in Europe and will be subject to a wide consultation process with all stakeholder groups over Q1 and Q2 of 2020.  This will also form the basis of a workshop with Federation of European Heads and Deans of Dental Schools at ADEE 2020 in Strasbourg France. 

A further update and working draft of the position statement will be shared here once agreed by the working group and issued for consultation.