Intellectual Output 10: Managing Academic Transnational Collaboration in Health Professionals Education (MATCHEd)

A CPD programme drawing on experiences of an Erasmus + project and learning from the O-Health-Edu team.

Introduction from IO 10 Lead 
By Professor Corrado Paganelli University of Brescia, Italy     
Prof Corrado Paganelli
Chair of FEHDD

Colleagues will be aware that O-Health-Edu is a KA02 Erasmus + strategic partnership project. Co-ordinated through our colleagues in the University Clermont Auvergne, France the project brings together nine university partners from seven countries along with the network of dissemination partner the Association for Dental Education in Europe. Bringing together such country and regional diversity brings with it challenges and benefits that can enable or impede the projects progress. With this in mind the project team were adamant to leave behind as part of the project’s intellectual outputs a tangible learning resource for others who may be interested in enabling such projects. Thus was born the need for this O-H-E -IO10 Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program about the project method.

Oral Health Professionals’ education since the creation of ADEE at a European level has always been focused around a collaborative approach, stakeholder engagement and a view that while striving for consensus is respectful of diversity. In the current political climate, we find ourselves such an approach has never been more needed. At the heart of O-Health-Edu is the desire to enable a new consensus vision for change in oral health professionals’ education. A change that needs to be meaningful and holistic while also being respectful to national diversity and local challenges. Enabling such activity is not easy and by sharing our learning from the O-Health-Edu project, we hope others will be empowered to learn from our mistakes and advance their projects more effectively and efficiently. 

It is therefore my pleasure to invite you to participate in this online self-guided learning platform that will guide you through the various stages we encountered while working on O-Health-Edu and also we hope give you pause for thought and reflection on how to better manage such projects going forward. On completion of each module, you will be able to download a verified certificate of completion.

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