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IO09: Guides for the public about on Oral Health professionals' Education in Europe

Intellectual  Output 9's focus is on ensuring key and relevant data is made available to the wider public and in particular those students and their parents who are considering becoming a member of the Oral Health team

Led by Prof Sibylle Vital from this University of Paris and drawing on the key findings of the O-Health-Edu survey along with targeted focus group discussions with students in the O-Health-Edu partner universities IO 09 has created a suite of 'Did you know?' information leaflets on key topics of interest to this target audience. The aim of the 'Did you know?' series to to provide the key information in clear language and where possible to offer simply yet practical guidance to potential students so they can make informed decisions on where to study and what they key points of note to take account are in making these decisions. Each 'Did you know?' include a checklist of key points to remember. 

The topics covered by 'Did you know?' are:

  1. O-Health-Edu professions application process 
  2. What you can expect when you study dentistry 
  3. What you can expect when you study dental hygiene 
  4. TBC
  5. TBC

It is expected that O-Health-Edu will add to these as time progresses. In addition once other language translations are available you can access them from the documents section below. 

Additionally IO09 provides a user interface for Frequently Asked Questions by those who are interested in studying as a member of the oral health team. Again the aim here is to share information and better inform student choices.