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IO01: Strategic Scoping for Evaluation of Oral Health Professionals' Education

October 2019

Update following Kick Off Meeting 

Work on the first intellectual output IO01 the Strategic Scoping for Evaluation of Oral Health Professionals' Education which is led by Dr James Field and Mr Jonathan Dixon of the University of Sheffield commenced in October 2019. 

Consultations and communications on the evolving search strategy that will inform the scoping exercise has been shared with the key stakeholders at a European level.  In particular the Federation of European Dental Regulators and Competent Authorities (FEDCAR), The Council of European Dentists (CED) and the European Dental Students Association (EDSA) have all been included in this first round consultation that will guide the direction of the scoping exercise. The evolving search strategy is summarised in the document below.

Presentations on the outline of the aims and the objectives of the project have also been made and can be accessed from the related documents section of this page.

Should you wish to make an observation or comment on this Intellectual Output at any stage please contact us using the contact us section.

The image above demonstartes the journey of Intellectual Output 1, from October 2020 with the setting and agreement of the reserach questions to March 2021 submission of paper for peer review and publication.