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Intellectual Output 7: Glossary of Higher oral health professionals' Education in Europe

Intellectual Output 7 aims to devise, agree through consensus and finally document a Glossary of Oral Health Professionals'  Higher Education in Europe. 

It focuses on key terms used within the Higher Education and European Political contexts so as to clearly define core terms and thereby enabling standardised conversations and dialogues around the future strategies for Oral Health Professional Education. 

In addition to defining core terms in the wider oral health professionals education area, a secondary core task of the glossary is the defition of reference terms within the O-Health-Edu data collection instrument. Have an interactive tool to clearly define any ambigious term will enable more concise responses. Thus the work of IO07 is closely linked with that of IO03 & IO04.

The process of devising the glossary follows a published 7 step approach. The seven step method is based upon the methodology used for the Lactapedia glossary Boss et al. (2020). Development of LactiPedia: A lactation glossary for science and medicine. Matern Child Nutr.

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